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The Nasus Harem


//This is based on a Joke the-curator-of-the-sands made in which if he was infernal he’d be able to rest on mine, cain-the-immortal-wolf, and merc-wolf-garrun heads, little did he know i would commission the lovely soothe-bell to make it a reality @v@

I have come to ship a scaleless dragon with the moon god who was raised as a woman… dark souls why you do dis?

So… I was thinking about something in Dark Souls

What if Seath the scaleless has created the moonlight butterflies for Gwyndolin? I pretty sure he knew that Gwyndolin was male.

Gwynerve was married to the fire god. So we can assume there was nothing between Gwynerve nd Mister Dragon to create Priscilla, but what about Gwyndolin. Pretty sure Seath could have experimenter their… beings together to create her.

Shw turned out female since Gwyndolin has such a feminine affinity. But was ultimately banned because it was unsacred. 

We all kind of know that the Darkmoon covenant are the remains of Velka so YEAH! I really thought a lot about it


Nasus In 10, Leona in 12, and Nasus in 9 I think

(via cain-the-immortal-wolf)


merc-wolf-garrun asked: Garrun knocked twice and walked in as per usual. His tail wagging quickly as he called out "Nasus I found one of those rare books you have been talking to me about! It took some searching bu-" He blinked as he finally ran into the younger Curator.




"HOW DO I GET THIS THING TO TURN ON?!" Nasus seemed enraged about the oven as he was about to rip the thing out of the wall as he heard the voice behind him. Turning around him he let go of the kitchen instrument and eyed him with curiosity. "Who are you? And why do you know my name?" Blinking a little he cautiously up behind the counter with a carrot in his hands. "Are you here to steal some of my teachers books? I warn you I am a guardian and I am willingly to die for it!" He barked aggressively before he sniffed into the others direction. "Sand… sun… and me?" He seemed baffled by the fact that garrun was smelling faintly after his own scent. 


"Nasus what’s wrong…?" The wolf quickly became concerned by the jackals behavior and how it had changed so rapidly. Gently wrapping his arms back around the younger jackal he noticed the small swaying tail and blinked. Now more than slightly confused he looked down at the still nuzzling Curator and tilted his head slightly. "…Are you alright? You are beginning to worry me…"

Slightly pulling away from the hug Garrun moved himself down to be level with Nasus and looked him in the eyes. Closely and carefully examining the immortal over a few times to check for anything wrong and even placing a hand over his forehead to check the temperature for good measure. Finding nothing he sighed softly, retracted his hand and frowned. His worried expression still displayed on his face. “…well, you seem fine enough to me at the moment…so what was wrong?”

"My heart felt like it was ripping apart for a moment. Even though it sounds odd… but I feel very happy around you" so his head was still capable of holding the informations before the spell had hit him. Wagging more intense with his tail he looked at the Wolf with bright eyes. "So out of instincts I just kinda hugged you and it did make everything go away… though it is odd to see my mind acting up like this… perhaps it has something to do with… you? Have you mixed a love potion into my food?" poking Garrun’s side he looked sheepishly at the man and chuckled. "Of course not, one tried once and it only made me sick so… it can’t be that" some of Nasus was shining through. One could understand now better how he tried to be serious but failed in the end. Guess he wasn’t always the respectful and rational man he was… now? Back then? before the spell.

"Tell me Scarfy" and now Garrun had a nickname fitting for the scarf around his neck. "would you mind giving me a hand? I can’t seem to get this… thing to work? Perhaps it is broken. I remember it is used to make food? But… from where I don’t recall properly…"



theheartoffreljord asked: ►"Lift me up!" He says as he places his shield down.

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"If it is your wish" he said slightly amused. Of course Braum was probably one of the most heaviest champions due to his size and muscles. But Nasus was a whole another story. "I will now lift you up, please if you feel like my grip on you is not firm enough feel free to hold onto me" With a gentle smile he put his Was on the ground.

Assuming position to lift Braum like a man would carry his bride, his strength soon shined through. Easily and probably a lot more sudden then the shieldbearer would have guess where he lifted onto the arms of the guardian. But not in the still position. No he continued. Making sure to hold Braum firmly enough he liften the man above his head, the only problem being to balance the man for the first seconds but soon holding him victoriously up.

"Satisfied?" he asked looking up at Braum who had a nice view on everyone. Due to his nature as a guardian Nasus was in the possession of unmeasured strength, but he often enough didn’t let it shine, but he was capable of lifting a man like Braum with almost little effort.


Send my character a ► and a command. They must obey.


outcasted-rogue-wolf asked: "I mean..."

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"hrm… I wonder to what image in your head you had yourself all bothered…"


outcasted-rogue-wolf asked: "Would it be wrong to ask you for a belly rub?"

"Hrm?" tilting his head slightly he looked at the other. "You think you are worthy of belly rubs?" shifting his tone in voice to serious he leaned down to the man looking deeply into his eyes. "A mere mortal man?" 

He stayed quiet letting the tension build before he broke out in laughter and grabbed him. Getting him to lean back a little before rubbing his belly with the other hand