//woke up on 5am. Belly and bad thoughts. At least it is not humid anymored. I DEMAND BELLY RUBS AND TEA IN BED

//Everyone is hyping about the cinematic and I just… don’t like it that much… *shudders* eh anyways, back to things

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Does your muse ever do something and you just


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theheartoffreljord asked: My URL

  • Do I Follow Them?: Of course I do!
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: Because he is pretty cool. I really love his portrayal of Braum and mun is really cool as well
  • Do We Role Play?: as my OC Momo yes as Nasus not so much
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: It certainly would be interesting though I can even see both having conflicts would certainly be interesting
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: Braum trying to teach Nasus how to milk a goat
  • A Song For Our Muses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EfhAFA2yFE
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: Nope, but dey can hug
  • What I Think About The Mun: He is pretty chill c:
  • Overall Opinion: I love your blog and I love your portrayal! HUG ME
  • Blog Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10/10 would do again


ask-the-dragon-child asked: D'Artagnan flew above Shurima. his dragon looking around, the occasional giant creature caught both of their eyes, but nothing in particular. they kept flying, "Blizz, you see anything yet?" D'Artagnan yelled over the hot wind rushing past them. "not a thing..." she called back in draconic. they soon saw a building, "interesting... lets see what it is!" he hadn't seen anything of interest in this desert for some time. they landed and stood at the entrance. "hello?" he called into the building




Just standing in the entrance let one feel the difference in the air. It was obviously enchanted by some form of magic because the inside several people were enjoying books. Only a few looked up when someone called hello into the halls but no one minded them a lot. One even waved slightly but then got back to his book in his lap. Nasus himself was standing behind the counter registering two new members as he looked up and noticed that the door was used by someone from the desert. With a slight smile he walked up from the counter towards the confused looking man. “Hello there, you must be new, I see it in your eyes as they reflect confusion as excitement”


"Welcome in the library Miss", he smiled warm and bowed slightly before his eyes rested on her. "I have tried many ways to reach my world. The problem is that the world where I originate from is far from the means of this plane. Many have tried to recreate the link but it was a phenomenon that only happened once. After all my brother and I were ripped out of accident into this world. It was never planned to summon two champions from another world" It was true. No one ever had succeeded because his world was out of the reach of anyone power. Though it interested him, and pained him at the time to refuse the offer. But as a matter of fact he would never accept anyone’s help to get him back into his world. He felt to disconnected from both planes. It was like, he had lost himself, but the more he tried to shake of the thoughts the more they cycled around his head. "Please, do not see into the matter any further. I wouldn’t want anyone interfere with my problems." The most helpful being on this plane was too proud and to stubborn to accept any. "your world? Has it taken measures again to stop the hunting of dragons? After all you once coexisted in the first place? Why disturb this peace, why destroy the harmony?"

"I am sorry, I did not realize it was a sensitive matter."She bowed slightly. Silvana looked at D’Artagnan, telling him to remain silent for now. he nodded and stepped back. "not all of my children are pure and wise. not all children stay innocent and pure," she extended her arm to Blizz who climbed to the goddess. "I fell sorry for those of my children that turn to greed and power, but they are the dragons that will be hunted for sport." Silvana added with remorse. "show him," Silvana turned to D’Artagnan, he nodded and started to mutter something. "our order is being reformed, Dragons are generally seen as wise and powerful. I would like to see the bond form again, to see Dragons and humans working together again," she looked at the young dragon and then back to D’Artagnan. "to do great things," she smiled and let Blizz go back to D’Artagnan, resting on his shoulder. D’Artagnan finished the spell, a portal opening to a city being rebuilt, it was surrounded by a forest. "home," D’Artagnan looked through the portal. he saw his sister and his friends helping with the effort. they saw the portal and waved, "I know you asked us not to press the issue, but we can open portals to a few worlds… if we all worked together, we could create a portal to your home, at least consider it."

As he saw the portal his eyes seemed to shortly focus on that but shifted back to the woman. “Miss…” he muttered before he looked around. “I don’t want to discuss this matter further here, beyond closed curtains would be more ideal. But I fear something I cannot speak about” He seemed to fight with himself at the moment. His gaze was more then distracted between the portal and the two persons and his usual calm person was replaced with this uneasy acting jackal. His fears of the corruption of the league spreading further were right in front of his eyes. But he feared to ask and point it out. He feared to get other peoples involved, and as the others were about to notice he shook his head and seemed to have found his facade again. “I am sorry for your trouble. Please my Library is open anytime for your needs of knowledge but it is my wish towards you to keep yourself away from my problems” With a polite bow he turned around and walked away. Probably back to his new book to read them. It was odd to see such a reaction form the curator and it was dangerous to pursue him further.




  • Do I Follow Them?
  • Why Did I Follow Them?
  • Do We Role Play?
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses
  • A Song For Our Muses
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?
  • What I Think About The Mun
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//*throws books and watter bottles after Nasus* YOU ARE FRUSTRATING ME YOU PRICK!

Just catches the items being thrown at him and raises a brow. “How so?”

//You are stubborn, always think more about others then yourself and you let no one, even in the slightest into your problems.